Upgraded from the Seaside Cottage to a nice little Villa with a lot more room. It’s very cozy.

Fishing Boat!

Seaside Cottage!

… guild leader decided to quit WoW and now we get someone else, changes the mood of the guild. And on top of that, the raid team fell apart and a few of them left. Le sigh. I don’t know anyone in the guild anymore T.T

This makes me want to play more Minecraft.

All it takes is a little motivation and I can get a ride anywhere. Bears always get what they want.

If you own an Android phone (not sure if there any of these games available for iOS) then I definitely recommend many of Kairosoft’s available games. The majority of them have lite versions you can try before you buy. Some I’d like to point out would be:

Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is one of their free games that plays a bit like pokemon, in that you run around coercing beasts to join and fight for you, and like a sim game where you build and maintain a island meant as a tourist attraction.

The gameplay is very simple, you build structures with various purposes (like homes, pastures, and lumber mills), and you explore dungeons or dangerous islands with your team of beasties. Simple, addicting and fun. The graphics of Beastie Bay (and any other Kairosoft game) are very simple and retro, which is a look I really enjoy. Prepare to spend a bit of off time here and there however, as it is a casual game, best played when you have those small moments here and there.

Available from the Play Store: Beastie Bay

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Assassin’s Creed 3 TV Spot.

I don’t know, does anyone else think this was an odd choice of music? The words, fine, but it’s quite uh.. upbeat.

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